Sound Installation


ROLE: composer / sound designer

Eight-channel sound installation for five rooms

Sweetspotting is a walk-in spatial sound installation for five connected and darkened rooms. The sounds were designed and composed on the basis of technical measurements of the acoustic properties of the installation-space.

The composition is time-defined (11:30 min) and plays in a loop. However, the composition can't be perceived as a whole in one place at one time. Moving through the installation is an important part of the experience.

Sweetspotting. Excerpt: Reverb and Rhythm. At group-exhibition "Aufhörn!", Naher Osten, Berlin, March 2011

Sweetspotting. Excerpt: Pink Noise. At group-exhibition "Aufhörn!", Naher Osten, Berlin, March 2011

Sweetspotting was my Masterthesis at UdK Berlin (Sound Studies).

Please note:

  1. Best with headphones. The audio-recordings for this video were made using binaural microphones (OKM).
  2. The video and audio recordings were made by a visitor at her very first walk through the installation.
  3. All changes in rhythm are due to her movements through the rooms. If she wouldn't move the rhythm wouldn't change.

Sweet Spot

The word Sweetspotting refers to the technical term sweet spot as it is used in audio technology. The sweet spot is the optimal position between two loudspeakers to receive a stereo signal. In my installation the single spot is replaced by a variety of interesting listening positions.


Sweetspotting was featured on RBB Kulturradio by Silke Merten on 17.03.2011.

David Rusitschka, Berlin