Feature film

Northmen - A Viking Saga

ROLE: Sound editing

Sound effects editing

As a sound effects editor I was mainly responsible for making the protagonists sound 'bigger than life'. The director wanted the vikings and their enemies sound extremely tough and dangerous. They were supposed to weigh 30 kg more than in reality. So first thing I did was putting on my (very heavy) trekking boots, going to the woods and recording a bunch of extra heavy steps and jumps on different surfaces like gras, branches, leaves etc. Additional recordings included metal clangs, chain rattles, leather creaking etc. I sweetened the foley recordings with those sounds and tweaked the very high and low end frequencies. The sounds got crunchy and heavy, thus making the protagonists sound huge and almost tangible. .

Much of my work also went into the final mud-fight-scene between the main hero and his enemy. There is a lot of splashing, bubbling and dripping, that had to sound just as heavy and dangerous as the fighters themselves.

Foley Editing

Some details about the foley editing work

Awards and Nominations

Nomination Golden Reel Award, USA 2016

Goldener Bobby, Germany 2014

3rd Place Cadrage, Zurich Film Festival 2015


11. Zurich Film Festival

David Rusitschka, Berlin